Who is the BWAC?

BWAC is definitely one of the more active wreck diving clubs around. We have a very keen and experienced group of divers, with dives running almost every weekend.

Our boat has two moorings, Ettalong and Terrigal, making the wrecks of the Central Coast and Long Reef easily accessible. 

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Joining BWAC

How do I join?

All new members are recommended to first become a temporary member and join us for a dive, or come to one of our monthly meetings and say g’day.

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Thought some of you may enjoy seeing some of these... ...

This Gem from 1961. ...

A little something from yester year... ...

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Stephen KnoxTo boldly go where no man has gone before, I lost it around the underwater tests I could see the image clear as they against all the odds hammered away at great risk the cable. The great unanswered question was next Why, a great read.

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www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ptghvi4FPf8 ...

Sydney, Australia. Title reads 'Will Sydney Lose All its Ferries?' LS. The Sydney Harbour ferryboats making trip during the heavy and rough sea. Various shot...

The booty.. a KB keg Bottle, and a few kilos of lead. ...

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BWAC, the friendliest dive club on the Central Coast Read More